Our Story

Life is an Adventure!

(Our Story)

Routine, that was our motto. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, we all have responsibilities and people that depend on us, but we had allowed it to get the best of us and turn on auto-mode at all times. Partially glancing the sunset at the red light as we drove back home was the highlight of our every day.

Years went by and something deep inside knew we needed a day away from it all. It’s easy to get swallowed up by our daily activities. Heck, sometimes that routine black hole blinded us from enjoying the great memories happening around us.

That’s when it happened, a timeshare salesman approched us as we walked around the mall.

Forty-five minutes later he convinced us to join a 2 hour presentation and that even if we didn’t buy we’d still get a cruise. Wow! A cruise and for freeeeee? All we had to do was listen to a guy speak for 2 hours and get a reward. Sign us up!

So we went, although the persuasive sales guy almost had us, our automatic response “We won’t have time” saved us. “However, we might be able to squeeze a few days for a break, especially if it means a cruise.”

We never thought this “break” would change our lives forever.

We were reminded about this thing called “relaxing” and while doing so it got us thinking about life and how the world is too darn big to not see it and experience it. So many places to see, so many cultures to learn from and so many people to laugh with.

Of course our motivation only lasted until Monday, when we had to head back to the rat race. Luckily we had a picture of our vacations in our living room to remind us that there is so much more out there.

Inspired by our printed reminder, we decided to press the reset button and start a company where enjoying life wasn’t just a quick getaway but a way of life. Then The Canvas Hub was born.

Life has not been the same, from that moment forward, we go out of our way to enjoy life, accept adventures and make memories along the way. Whether it is in Cozumel, Mexico or at the park that’s 5 minutes from the apartment. Heck, now we even walk to get the mail and have a blast doing it.

We are incredibly lucky to have a Team, Partners and Customers that share our love for life every day.

Our mission is to be a reminder to you to “enjoy life, welcome adventure and make memories along the way” ...and we’re just getting started. Join us!